From terrariums to tillandsia - we love our plants and know that you will too! We are well stocked with plants that will fill everyone's green needs. If you're not quite sure what type of plant you want, we'd be delighted to help you pick one that will fit your lifestyle.

Terrariums and Dish Gardens

Terrariums are versatile and unique, each one containing a world you can loose yourself in. Whether it be as a gift, for the office, or for your bedside table, we are sure that you'll love them as much as we do.  Terrariums are very easy to care for as they form their own little "mini-ecosystems". Dish Gardens contain several different smaller plants placed in a basket or container which forms an indoor garden.


These amazing little plants are incredible because they require no soil, but also because they come in so many different varieties, shapes, and sizes! The possibilities are endless with tillandsia and at Blooms Flower Shop we are constantly coming up with new and interesting ways to display them. They can be hung on string, placed in bouquets and containers, or just left on a shelf for everyone to see.